“Training the Athlete in EveryBUDDY”

In 2006, I started FITBuddies with one initial goal:  to combine my passion for working in the health and wellness industry with my personal commitment to help better the lives of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.  After working with this population for several years prior, I continued to find a common thread amongst all families and individuals with special needs:  there was very little emphasis placed on the health and wellness of this population.  While there are many contributing factors including money (or lack there of) and transportation that prevent consistent involvement in structured physical activity, the main problem was and still is a lack of professional services tailored to these individuals that gives them same opportunity for bettering their health as the rest of us.

I am starting this blog to talk about my experience working with this population in this particular setting; to inform other fellow professionals in this field of a population that they may otherwise overlook; and, to provide information for parents and aides on ways to improve the health and wellness of your special individuals.  Most importantly, I am writing to create awareness and to introduce you to four special individuals who have helped create and become part of the BuddiesInAction Mission:  To Better the Lives of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities by Improving their Health and Wellness.

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