Meet Jeremy

Three years ago, Jeremy started FITBuddies as a very deconditioned 21 year old with many of the health conditions that are common to individuals with Down syndrome. The most concerning was his weak heart which was extremely unnerving to his parents. They would go on family hikes and after an easy half mile, Jeremy would be red in the face, panting and have to sit down until he recovered. Jeremy was just finishing school and on an everyday basis led a fairly sedentary life with a consistent routine: every morning he would wake up at 6am, remove a chocolate donut from the refrigerator in his room, cover it will chocolate syrup and down it with orange juice.

Three years later, Jeremy is a strong, confident 24 year old who has done a complete 180 since his first days at FITBuddies. Jeremy can run a mile with no problem, complete a body weight pull up, push-ups are no problem, and he is always ready to conquer the next challenge. In the last year, he has lost 25 pounds as he no longer consumes a chocolate donut in the morning and has switched to eggs and toast (which recently he even started preparing himself). In addition to the physical changes, Jeremy’s self-esteem and confidence has sky rocketed. He loves his “family” at FIT and as the oldest in our group, he is a great role model to the other FITBuddies’ participants. Most notable are Jeremy’s parents who have supported and worked with him every step of the way helping to ensure success and accomplish the many goals we all have for Jeremy.

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