Best Buddies Bike Ride

In 2.5 weeks, we will be participating in the Best Buddies Challenge: Hearst Castle. TeamFITBuddies, a team of 42, will have many completing the 100 mile ride, several doing the 35, a few 15 milers, and one or two 5K runners. Most notable are our FITBuddies participants Jeremy and Kristen. Jeremy is going to ride 35 miles with one of our trainers, Rob. This is Jeremy’s first time successfully riding a bike and he is so excited to participate in the event. Kristen, another FITBuddies participant, is going to ride 15 miles on a 3-wheel handicap bike all by herself. Her parents will be along side her to cheer her on.

This week was our first attempt to see how Jeremy and Rob would do together on the bike. Initially we were worried about Jeremy’s balance, being able to stop and start and just feeling comfortable on the bike (as his first experience riding a few years prior did not go very well). Jeremy jumped on the bike like a pro and took off screaming in excitement with Rob. Now our only concern is whether Rob can pedal fast enough to keep the pace fast enough for Jeremy’s liking (as he is determined they will get first place). Jeremy’s parent were so excited to see him on a bike and we all hope this will lead to a new hobby/activity for Jeremy!!

Check them out:

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