We’re Back!!

FITBuddies met for the first time in over two weeks due to the Holidays and I haven’t seen 4 people that excited to workout in a long time!

1/7 WOD:
Rowing Warm-Up:
Xenia: 1000m= 8:17.2
Spencer: 1000m=9:06
Jeremy: 1000m=7:06
Kristen: 500m=5:52.1

Fight Gone Bad 2010!
FGB is one of FITBuddies’ favorite workouts that will be completed many times throughout the year. I wanted to do it at the beginning of the year to get their baseline scores so we can compare their improvement for the FGB fundraiser in September.

1 min. on at each exercise for 3 rounds (today we rested 2 minutes in b/w rounds)
Wall Ball
Push Press
Box Jumps
Sumo HP

Kristen (weight 12.5K, 6lb WB, step ups) = 164
Xenia (12.5K, 6lb WB, step ups) = 158
Spencer (12.5K, 6lb WB) = 177
Jeremy (15K, 12lb WB) = 190
*Jeremy’s first time using this weight

Highlights of the Day…
Spencer’s excitement and enthusiasm to be back at FIT. “Wow, Jen I sure did miss you and FITBuddies! Did you know we haven’t seen each other since LAST year!” Today his mom was telling me how excited he was to come back and how grateful she was for the program (for the health benefits) but especially because of the social experience
-I asked Xenia if she missed her ‘boyfriend’ while she was gone (she calls one of the trainers her ‘boyfriend’ but says she has multiple FIT boyfriends:) She said, “JEN!!! You’re so silly. Well…Almost.” I laughed and said “what, one more week and then you would have missed him?” She just started giggling
Kristen was so excited to see everyone at FIT it was hard to keep her focused. Everytime it was her turn to row she would barely move and just yell out to everyone. Our joke of that day that got her moving everytime was for me to yell over to her as loud as I could, “Kristen, Kristen are you sleeping!!??” Then she’d roll up her sleeves and she actually worked harder than I’ve seen her work in a long time
Jeremy had a tough workout because he was using heavier weights. He was getting tired and I had to keep correcting his form which really frustrates him. At one point, he wouldn’t listen to anything I was saying and kept shaking his head with every correction I made. He could then tell that I got really frustrated and said “Jen, I sure hope you’re feeling better.” (I had been sick earlier in the week. He can always sense when things get tense and knows exactly how to ‘ease’ the situation)

FITBuddies is looking forward to another happy and healthy 2010…

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