Monday 1/11/09

Warm Up:
Row (calories)
Body Weight Squats
Straight leg Sit Ups

Jeremy 12:05
Spencer 14:01
Xenia and Kristen 21:45

WOD: focused on single arm and single leg movements
10 Single Arm DB Thrusters
10 Single Arm DB Bent Over Row
10 Steps Ups (10 Each leg)
10 Single Arm DB Punches (lying on mat)
(Jeremy=12lbs, Spencer=8lbs, Xenia=5lbs, Kristen=3lbs)
2 rounds completed

After warming up, I asked each of them to tell me one goal they had for the year (at FITBuddies)…
Spencer: “to be better using a ‘flat back'”
*This might not make sense to many but to me it was the perfect goal for him to come up with. He is always working on his posture and often rounds his back throughout different movements but if I say “flat back” he usually can adjust into the proper position.
Jeremy: “To improve Jumping Pull Ups”
*Jeremy is working on using a lower box for his jumping pull ups as well as doing strict pull ups
Kristen: “Super Fast Rowing!!!”
*This was the perfect goal for her because she often gets very distracted rowing
Xenia: “Super fast rowing too!”
*A good goal for Xenia as well. She wasn’t sure what to say but when she heard Kristen yell out hers she wanted to do the same thing

Jeremy then asked if he could share his personal 2010 goal with everyone. He said his goal was to enjoy January. He said he and everyone else is always so busy and trying to fast forward to the future or worried about the past and he is going to enjoy the present.
Once again we can all learn a little something from Jeremy…

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