Teaching Kristen with Visual Aids…

Verbal and Visual Cues

Common verbal cues such as head up, chest up, abs tight and look straight ahead often elicit little or no response from the buddies. More often than not the opposite of what I instruct will occur. For example, “arms straight” will result in a further bend of the elbows. This is where I am forced to step outside the box and come up with both creative verbal and visual cues that will aid in proper execution of the movement.

My volunteers are also great at implementing fun and creative ways to learn movements. The picture shows one of our volunteers working with Kristen on her ball slams. While Kristen LOVES performing ball slams and has the basic movement down, she will often look at the ground, rounding her back as she picks up the ball. She responds well if you perform the movement with her or give her something interesting to look at. This week it was cone heads! She found it funny and it kept her focused on the task at hand. As she progresses, we will fade her visual aids out.

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