Monday 1/25/10

Four out of five days a week my alarm goes off at 4:30am and I am on the road by 5:10. My day at FIT begins at 6am with Mondays usually being the busiest. At 1pm, after 7 hours and at least 12 clients, I finally have my first break of the day. An hour later, I am back on the flour training. After being awake for 12 hours and training over 15 clients, by 4:30pm on a Monday I am exhausted. But it never fails, week after week, at 4:31pm I am ready to go again…

Thanks to Xenia…”Oh Jen, my favorite Jen, I missed my Jen, I love my Jen” followed by a huge hug. Always making me smile
Thanks to Spencer…”Jen, it’s 4:31, I saw the workout on the board…It’s Jen’s story and we’re sticking to it! Time to get started, right Jen? We’re FITBuddies!!” Always keeping me on track
Thanks to Kristen…First I get my usual hug and “I missed you so much!” Then today as we get ready to start, she’s hiding behind the shelves. “Shhh, Jen, I’m hiding from my boyfriends!!” Always making me laugh
Thanks to Jeremy…”I just love my workouts, I love to work hard, feel good, be strong. And of course, I love my trainer…well, most of the time! Haha!” Always keeping me on my feet

WU: Jeremy = 1/5 mile, Spencer and Xenia = 1000m Row, Kristen = 500m Row
Agility Drills: strictly working on lifting feet and knees up and following correct pattern of movement, not on speed

Box Squats: 8 X 5
(Jeremy 15K, 20K, 22.5 x 3, Xenia 7.5, 15 x 4, Spencer 7.5 x 5, Kristen 7.5 x 5)

Burpees 6 X 2
Box Step Ups 6 x 2

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