Monday 2/1/10

Meet Mahalya!
* Today was Mahalya’s first time at FIT. I did not enforce any activities/exercises and her mom and I decided the best thing to do today was just to let her get acquainted with her surroundings.

Warm Up: Obstacle Course!
*bw squats, “walk the line,” mb slams, kb swings

Partner Workout:
8 Thrusters
8 Step Ups
8 Str Leg Abs
*each member of the team has to complete 2 sets of each exercise for time

Xenia and Kristen: 9:48, 7:38
Spencer and Jeremy: 7:28, 6:46
*I told them for their second round if they did not beat their time on the first round they had to row 1000m. The girls shaved two minutes off their time!

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