Monday 2/8/10

“Choose Your Exercise”
-Agility Drills
-‘Walk the Line’ (Balance drill)
-Cone Drills
-Jump Rope
-Pull Ups
-Push Ups

FITBuddies 2 @ 3:30 (Aryan, Ben and Zach)
*as we introduce the group to FIT and get them use to their surroundings, I am trying to place a few demands as possible and keep the sessions fun and moving fast. Today we picked a name and that person got to choose an exercise. Everyone kept on task for the full half hour. We loved having Spencer as a FITBuddy Helper!!

Mahayla @ 4pm
*today she was very distracted so we stayed outside and made a few attempts at tossing a med ball, jump rope and cone drills

FITBuddies @ 4:30 (Xenia, Kristen, Spencer and Jeremy)
*First 1/2 hour: Their choice! Same options as above
*Second Half: My choice!
-Steps ups: 1 minute on/1 minute off (focus was on keeping heel down on box and foot pointed straight ahead)
-Rowing: 1 minute on/1 minute off X 5 rounds (teaching intensity)
Max Calories in 1 minute:
Kristen: 8 cal
Xenia: 8 cal
Jeremy: 11 cal
Spencer: 7 cal

The countdown is on for the 2010 FITBuddies Olympics…

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