More than a Participant, Spencer is also a FITBuddies Helper…

My New Helper

A huge part of FITBuddies is giving back to the community that continues to give us so much support. This coincides with the desire to offer programs and opportunities for our Buddies that enable them to participate in the same things as everyone else. This is one of the reasons I have decided to ask our current Buddies to help out with the new sessions. Spencer and Jeremy now like to call themselves “professional FITBuddies” so I asked them, as ‘professionals’, if they would like to help out with our new group of boys. It is a great way for them to get involved/volunteer, a huge help for me, and also a big confidence booster as they show off what they know. All we have heard Spencer talk about the past month is the fact that he will be a Buddies helper. This was the first week Spencer came to help and it was GREAT. I look forward to working with both Spencer and Jeremy on a different level.

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