Monday 2/15

2010 FITBuddies Winter Olympics

Today we did a ‘practice run’ of all the events that we will have in our 2010 Olympic Event. Next Monday we will have our Individual Events followed by Team Events on Thursday.

-“Ski Jump”: FITBuddies2 and Ladies of FITBuddies1= jumps on Agility Ladder, Spencer and Jeremy = Box jumps
*how many jumps in a minute

-“Speed Skating”: run around FITBuddies track (touch each cone)

-“Cross Country Skiing”: What we like to call ‘scissor jumps’ on the agility ladder
*again for time (1 minute)

-“Jamaican Bobsledding!”: 1/4 mile run w/ a ‘lucky egg’
*run w/ 4 & 6lb MB; if you drop the ball you are disqualified

-Winter Obstacle: 10 Ski Squats (box squats), 10 Moguls (lateral jumps), 10 snowball slams (MB slams), 10 snow angels (straight leg abs)

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