Buddies Updates

*FITBuddies Olympics was a huge hit. Both FITBuddies1 and FITBuddies2 had a great time and you would have thought they were competing in the actual olympics

*We are SUPER busy at FITBuddies these days (one of the reason’s there have not been as many updates). We have moved FITBuddies2 from a half hour session to a full hour and Mahayla has transitioned into our FITBuddies1 group. Let’s just say there is never a dull moment!

*A huge thanks to Spencer! I love having him as a ‘helper’ and the kids if FITBuddies2 really seem to enjoy having him around as well.

*We are starting to recruit for the Best Buddies Bike Ride 2010. We hope to have some of our FITBuddies participants join us again this year. Jeremy got a bike for Christmas and will hopefully ride 35 miles by himself this year!! His dad is planning on riding as well.

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