Mahayla’s Progress

At the beginning of March, we transitioned Mahayla into the 4:30 session with Jeremy, Spencer, Kristen and Xenia.  Her Mom and her aide come to each session with her and are both a huge help (and currently necessary in order for me to be able to address the needs of all 5 Individuals).

At the beginning of the month, my goals for Mahayla were strictly just to show some interest in participating.  I am not concerned with the amount of participation or that she follows a set structure but the first step is to just create an interest in being present and then wanting to engage in some of the activities that the others are doing.  In scheduling, I have been trying to create a schedule that is appropriate for all 5 and that continues to challenge the other four but is appealing and non-intimidating for Mahayla.

Over the course of the last three weeks, Mahayla has shown huge improvements/progress:

-While it takes a lot of encouragement and redirection, she participates in many of the activities

-She is wearing pants/shorts to most of the sessions (a huge improvement b/c her parents said she would only wear skirts/dresses)

-She is very enthusiastic and seems motivated by the other buddies

-Kristen is her new best friend.  Kristen will hold her hand and lead her through different exercises

A huge thanks to Mahayla’s aide and her mom!  They are doing such a great job helping and are extremely patient with the entire group.

**Next Goals:  Participate for the entire hour**

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