FITBuddies1 (Spencer, Jeremy, Mahayla, Kristen and Xenia)

*Mahayla has now been with with the group for 1 month!  She is doing great!  Our number 1 goal is still participation and most days she is always willing to at least do a little of each activity.  Kristen is a HUGE help and is always trying to help her out.  I will have to post pictures of the two of them in action soon.

*Jeremy:  More motivated than ever, he shows up at every session ready to work hard!  He if officially registered for the Best Buddies Ride in September.  The goal is for him to ride his own bike for 35 miles (assuming all goes well w/ learning!).  The last few weeks we started on the spinning bikes and practiced stopping and starting.

*Spencer:  Spencer has been working extra hard this month on his back position during certain movements (rowing, deadlifts, high pulls, etc).  We scaled back a little in the weight we are using and his main focus in on body position throughout the movement.  So far, he’s doing great and definitely progressing.

*Xenia:  I keep asking Xenia if she has rockets in her shoes because she has been flying this month.  Not only is she running more than she normally would (usually will ask to walk here and there) but she’s definitely running faster.  All around her participation and effort has increased and I rarely have to encourage her to keep going or work harder (compared to what I used to have to do!)

Kristen:  First of all, she is such a big help with Mahayla.  She has really helped her feel more comfortable in the group and helped get her excited about moving/participating.  Because Kristen is ‘showing off’ and instructing Mahayla she is working harder herself b/c all eyes are on her.  She loves the spotlight!

FITBuddies2 (Zach, Ben, Aryan)

*Zach:  Zach is very easy-going and is willing to try anything asked of him.  He gets distracted easily but because he already knew Spencer (our helper), he is easily redirected by him.  Our main focus is primarily on staying focused and coordination.

*Aryan:  Aryan is also easily distracted and gets frustrated very easily but when he is feeling good, he has a great attitude and tries as best he can.  We are mostly working on upper body movement and footwork for now.

*Ben:  The leader of the pack.  Ben would love to run the whole group if he could.  He always likes to repeat my instructions and/or give his own input as to how things should be done.  He will also do pretty much anything asked of him (physically) if he is focused.  He is by far the fastest of the group.  We are working on increasing his cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

May 8th: http://teamfitbuddies2010.eventbrite.com

*We hope you will all be able to join us for our fundraising event on Saturday, May 8th.  Bike, Run/walk, participate in a crossfit workout or just come cheer us on!  To participate in the event, please register online.

New Volunteer:  On Mondays, we now have a new volunteer.  William will be helping out with our 3:30 group.  Day 1, he was already a huge help!  Now we have Spencer and William helping with FITBuddies2

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