Buddies In ACTION Defined

We are Buddies In ACTION.  The term ‘Buddies’ is commonly used to describe programs for Individuals with Disabilities (FITBuddies, Best Buddies, BuddyWalk, and so on).  Improving the lives of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities is what we have in common but what separates us?

Best Buddies:  Best Buddies is an Non-Profit Organization dedicated to improving the lives of ‘buddies’ by creating opportunities for employment, peer relationships and leadership roles.

FITBuddies:  FITBuddies is small group training for ‘buddies’ offering a fun, safe and social environment with the focus on improving their physical activity (strength, endurance, stamina, balance/coordination, etc).

BuddiesInACTION:  Buddies In ACTION is dedicated to improving the lives of ‘buddies’ by improving their overall Health and Wellness.  FITBuddies is a part of Buddies In ACTION; it is one program that falls under the umbrella of our goal and mission.  BUDDIES are the people we serve: individuals with intellectual disabilities.  ACTION is what we do; it is what we create for our buddies…



Training the Athlete in EveryBuddy




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