C is for Confidence

C is for Confidence.  Buddies In ACTION is about increasing the confidence and self-esteem of our special buddies.  Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities are faced with many challenges and obstacles on an everyday basis.  They often struggle with academics, are overlooked or ridiculed by peers, and struggle to find a sense of belonging in a society where they are so clearly “different.” 

My goal is to create an atmosphere where their differences are seen as special and unique; where they are not excluded but instead included.  Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem are two of are most important goals at FITBuddies and within Buddies In ACTION.  We strive to offer an environment that constantly offers success and a supportive social network.  All of the above help increase the Confidence of these special individuals and I strongly feel this confidence will help improve all areas of their life.

Buddies In ACTION is about increasing CONFIDENCE.

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