I is for Indepedence

I is for Independence. Every parent I know has goals for their children: some are health related, some academic/vocational and some are personal/family oriented.  While the specifics of the goals may defer, I think it is safe to say there is one thing that all have in come:  independence. Every parents wants to see their children grow into a healthy, self-supportive independent individual.  While the degree of independence varies (some parents never want to let go:), it exist for all.  One of the biggest concerns a parent of a child with intellectual disabilities has is “will my child ever live an independent lifestyle?”

This a huge goal of mine at FITBuddies and a big part of Buddies In Action.  I want to help these individuals learn to take control of their own health and wellness.  This is an area of their life that if someone takes the time and teaches/instructs them, they can and will adapt and learn.  Parents of these special individuals face many daily struggles and obstacles and often times physical activity and nutrition are often over-looked and neglected because at some point they have to pick and choose their battles.  Like many of us, sometimes if it comes from another source other than our parents, we are more receptive to learning it.  Buddies In Action is about teaching these special individuals to take responsibility for their own health and independently learn to be active and eat healthy.

Buddies In Action is about promoting INDEPENDENCE.

2 thoughts on “I is for Indepedence

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