N is for Nutrition

N is for Nutrition.  If we are going to improve the Health & Wellness of this special population, we must also focus on nutrition.  Parents of individuals with special needs have many obstacles to overcome and battles to fight  (really all parents do!) and, more often than not, what their child eats becomes the least of their worries.  Buddies In Action would like to change this as what we eat (yes, all of us not just those with special needs) has a huge impact on how we feel, act, and function on a day-to-day basis.  Our goal is not to create more ‘work’ for the parents but to educate these individuals and make them responsible for their own nutrition in an easy and manageable manner. 

Buddies In Action is dedicated to helping individuals with Intellectual Disabilities take ACTION and improve all areas of their Health & Wellness.

Buddies In ACTION is about improving  one’s NUTRITION.

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