The Purpose of the Course was to Increase Confidence…

Every organization that was present at Access to Adventure 2010 was asked to provide an activity highlighting their program that would attract participants of all ages and many abilities.  FITBuddies created an obstacle course with many variations that would allow for even the Xenias who constantly tell me “I can’t do it!” to finish wanting to do it over and over and over again…

Step 1:  Agility Drills-they could run, walk, skip, hop, etc through the ladder and either jump or step over the hurdles…

Step 2:  Balance!…we used a fire hose as our ‘balance beam’.  Everyone took this part very seriously and often wanted me to lead….

Step 3:  Run!

Step 4:  Bean Bag Toss-We had some VERY accurate throws and then those who just ran up to the bucket and dropped their bean bags in laughing and cheering for themselves…

After this participant finished the bean bag toss, he would grab my hand and ask, “again, again, again?”  I lost track of how many times we repeated the course together…

Buddies in ACTION is about increasing CONFIDENCE.

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