Athletes of All Ages…

Buddies In ACTION is about training the athlete in EveryBUDDY.  The participants cover a wide spectrum and have many different ABILITIES.   While our FITBuddies group is generally geared towards ages 12+, I currently work a group of boys on the autism spectrum ages 8-11.  I would love to offer programs for ages 12 and under in the future as it is never to early to get started!  It is especially important to improve fine and gross motor skills as well as balance/coordination as early as possible.

Throughout the month of May, FITBuddies has been VERY busy.  We started the month with Access to Adventure, followed by the FITBuddies Fundraiser at FIT and have had lots of special guest at our FITBuddies sessions.  It has been so much fun meeting so many new faces and working with individuals ages 6-41….

At Access to Adventure, we had lots of participants ages 10 and under…

At our FITBuddies Fundraiser, Spencer (age 16) and Jeremy (age 25) participated in the walk/run, Jeremy rode Tandem and they completed the Crossfit workout…

And we also had the ‘mature’ 30 year olds…

To finish off the month, we have had a special guest all week at our FITBuddies’ sessions.  Julie, one of my client’s sisters, is visiting from Sun Valley.  She is an amazing 41 year old with special needs.  We had so much fun with her on Monday and look forward to one more day.  She fit right into the group and was quick to boast about her 100 sit-ups she does daily (well, most days:)

Buddies In ACTION is about Training the Athlete in EveryBuddy!

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