Thank YOU for your Support!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I can’t say it enough.  A big thank you for the overwhelming amount of support over the course of the last few months.  Whether you donated to TeamFITBuddies in the Best Buddies Challenge, offered support and encouragement to Jeremy as he learned to ride a bike or took on the somewhat bothersome task of voting daily in the Pepsi Refresh Contest, I appreciate it.  But mostly, thank you for putting up with me and the endless amounts of emails, phone calls, fundraisers, “extra” events that I seem to get myself involved in and so on.  I know there are an endless amount of  good causes/events/fundraisers out there and at some point you have to choose what to delete, ignore or let fade away.  And that is what I thank you the most for:  for not only NOT deleting emails, posts, etc but for passing them on and telling our story to your friends, family, and so on (most of you have also learned that I don’t stop so it’s probably better to spread the word in order to get me out of your hair:).  At any rate, most of you also know that for me it is not about the dollars raised or the votes accumulated, it’s about the awareness created and that has far exceeded my expectations the past few months.

It started with Jeremy as he learned to ride a bike.  He is still on cloud nine from all of the exposure he received from FIT, fellow riders, the Best Buddies staff, Eye on the Bay, and from the opportunity to give a speech at the opening ceremonies.  And then came October.  I can’t tell you the amount of emails I have received in the past month regarding the Pepsi Refresh Contest. Although I love the emails simply saying, “I’m voting everyday, why isn’t your count changing,” some of the best were from friends of friends who have a family member or close friend with Down Syndrome or Autism and truly understand the lack of programs available for these special individuals.  The contest was successful in that it helped spread the word, got people asking questions and created more opportunities for growth for FITBuddies.

October was a big month for FITBuddies and while we may not have won the contest, we are well on our way to growing, expanding and improving the health & wellness of more and more individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Thank you again for all your help and more updates coming soon…

One of our volunteers, Kim, helping the ladies with their push-ups

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