Story #3

It’s time for the Ugly.  I can only imagine what some of our sessions look like from the outside.  Every Monday after I finish a 12 hour day and back to back sessions of FITBuddies,  Scott asks me what kind a drink I’ll be having that night.  I get many comments from clients and trainers.  One client told her trainer that I define the word patient and am going to make a great mom some day.  While yes, after ten years of working with kids with Autism, I have a whole new perspective on what patience actually means, I still have my moments.  The Ugly stories I am going to share are my own personal “ugly” moments; the moments when I breakdown.

Story #3

A couple weeks ago, one of the buddies was having a very rough day.  Everything was upsetting him and finally he’d had enough.  He’d kicked us all, hit us, threw stuff our way and now he announced he was going to jump in the mailbox, never to return.  I guess I was kicked one too many times that day but instead of helping the situation I added to it and sarcastically said, “Hold that thought.  Let me go get some stamps first.  Where should we send you…China?”

I will have to say this did get him away from the mailbox but he wasn’t amused.  He walked over to me, grabbed my arms and said, “you are so rude.”

This has now become a big joke between all of us and whenever things get a little crazy, we pick a different country that we’re going to ship someone off to for the day.

I’m Thankful that he called me out on what he felt was an Ugly moment.  I am also Thankful for these ugly moments because they usually provide a good laugh after…

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