Story #4

And back to a Good story…

Story #4

Just call me Juice.

One of my younger buddies always has something to announce when he walks into FIT.  Usually he identifies what everyone else in the gym is doing.

Look at that man; he’s doing push-ups.  See that woman; she’s doing a pull-up.

Then he moves on to me.  Sometimes he’ll describe my job and other times he announces my birthday, but he always states who I am and describes what I’m wearing.  Two weeks ago it went a little something like this…

It’s Jennifer Anne Pleimann.  You’re wearing F-I-T on your jacket just like those people over there (he points out every trainer that has a FIT shirt on).  You always wear a jacket.  Why do you always wear a jacket Jennifer Anne Pleimann?

And before I have a chance to answer the last question…

P-L-E-I-M-A-N-N.  Pleimann.  Rhymes with CLYMAN.  Some call you Jen for short.  Jen is your nickname but Jennifer is your real name.

I then asked him if he wanted to know a little secret.  Of course he said yes, so I told him that my family has a nickname for me as well.

“They call me Juice.  I’m not sure my Dad even knows my real name anymore…or my brother-in-law for that matter.  And sometimes they even combine Juice and Jennifer into  ‘juicifer!'”

Juice.  J-U-I-C-E.  Juicifer Anne Pleimann.  Jen’s full name is Jennifer but her Dad calls her Juicifer (by now he’s jumping up and down with the excitement of his new information)


And two weeks later, the whole world knows my nickname or at least every person who walks by our group because he shouts it out numerous times throughout each session.  And recently every time I ask him to do something…

Whatever you say Juicifer!!

While I may never hear the end of my nickname, I am Thankful for moments like these because every time he says it, I can’t help but smile.

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