Story #7

Have I mentioned that I love telling the GOOD stories?

Story #7

It all started with “Speed and Demon” compling the Best Buddies Ride in 2009.  Rob, a trainer at FIT, had offered to ride tandem with Jeremy.  Jeremy was 24 at the time and had never been on a bike.  After he crossed the finish line, he announced that he wanted to ride all by himself next year…

And so he did.  Rob and I started working with him over the summer.  It was probably the hardest, most frustrating experience for everyone involved yet by far the most rewarding.  I am so THANKFUL I had Rob helping me as he was a vital part in the teaching process and am grateful for every hour he gave up of his free time.  I’ll also never forget the first time Jeremy took off for the first time on his own or the first time the three of us rode off together from FIT.  It was priceless and at that point, Rob and I both talked about how it didn’t matter if Jeremy ever rode further than the loop we did together that day as Jeremy was officially on cloud nine.  I’ve seem his confidence soar over the last few years but had never seen him like this before.

There were so many GOOD moments, GOOD conversations and GREAT accomplishments that occurred during those 4 months and I am Thankful for the experience and every minute of  the Good, Bad & Ugly that we had in the process…

To see his video:

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