Story #8

Bad and Ugly.

Story #8

Forget the good for now, yesterday was plain bad and ugly!  It’s one of those days I try to block out and leave everything that happened at work, but since I said I would tell the Bad and Ugly, I’ll share a little (and the rest I still don’t want to talk about).

First of all, you could say I had a case of the “Mondays.”  I was exhausted from 6am until 5:30pm.  The only time I sat down during that time was my drive time to/from the school we are currently volunteering at.  I was not in the best of moods and every kid I worked with fed off of me…so I have to take some of the blame.  I just wasn’t in it yesterday.

I definitely wasn’t present for the 30+ special needs kids at school.  Nothing really bad happened but also wasn’t what I would call a good session either.

Then on to my afternoon.  I was greeted by one with a kick in the shin.  I think I actually laughed as I said “well it’s nice to see you too!”




Kicked again.

Spit on.

I think it was right about now, that I stopped laughing.

Others were punched, kicked, hit, etc.

Doors were slammed.

Rocks were flying.

Where the metal chain came from, I have no idea.

I was silent.  I restrained flying limbs.  I didn’t yell.  I couldn’t yell (and not because I was being patient).  I was beyond the point of yelling.

Some cried.

Some laughed at others crying.

Others offered to “take over and be in charge!”

Trainers asked if I was okay; some said they were about to step in at one point; others joked that they weren’t sure that I was going to survive the hour; and most said something along the lines of “seriously go home and have a drink, that was rough!” And this morning, I was told I looked exhausted, like I needed a hug, a good cry or maybe just coffee?  Yesterday wore me out and this time it was written all over my face.  Maybe I just needed a good scream like Jeremy:)

I currently can’t come up with any reason why I am Thankful for yesterday but I am extremely Thankful I had my incredible volunteers with me!  Right now, I still think yesterday was just plain Bad and Ugly…but i’m positive that Thursday will be Good!

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