Story #10

Yet another good story…


I can’t believe Spencer is 17!  He was 13 when I started FITBuddies and it has been so much fun to watch him change and grow.  Everyone at FIT loves having him around and now he is not only a FITBuddies’ participant but also a volunteer.

Story #10

For all of my sessions, I have 1-2 volunteers help out.  It is almost always a high school student who has hours to fill and usually a child of one of FIT’s clients.  It is always great to see the transition from when they first come in to FIT, somewhat scared and timid and not necessarily knowing how to interact with kids with special needs, and then quickly transitioning into feeling comfortable and realizing how fun they are to be around (the buddies are quick to reel people in).  And then there’s Sean.  He started volunteering with us a couple months ago and has been incredible with both of my groups since day 1.  I can’t say enough good things about him.  Sean has an aunt with Down Syndrome who comes to join our sessions whenever she is in town.

Sean's Aunt Julie. She says she does "100 crunches everyday"





About a month ago, Sean decided he also wanted to be a Best Buddy

When the Giant’s season is over, Spencer becomes the #1 Sharks fan (okay, maybe Thom is #1 and Spencer is #2).  I don’t think there is any place Spencer would rather be than the Sharks game for his birthday.  Spencer had mentioned last week that he was going to the game with his family but then Sean came in on Monday and told me that Spencer had called him over the weekend and asked him if he would go to the Sharks game with him and his parents on this birthday.  He said Spencer sounded really nervous and was very cute about it.

Spencer then came running in after Sean told me the story and of course, told me all about calling Sean and inviting him to the game.  He was so excited!  This was huge for Spencer.  It is something we all take for granted.  The simple act of calling up a friend and asking them to go somewhere seems like no big deal.  But for an individual with special needs, this is huge!  Most of the time it is just the parents organizing activities, etc and the reality is, these kids don’t have a lot of friends to call.

This was one of those moments at FITBuddies’ where I got a little choked up but was trying to “stay cool” for the boys.  I’m so proud of Spencer and so happy and thankful he was placed with an incredible buddy like Sean.

Best Buddies

Happy Birthday Spencer and Have Fun at the Game Tonight!!

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