December News

October and November were very busy months for FITBuddies and as the program continues to grow, once again I have to say THANKS for all your help and support.  Almost all of our growth has come from you:  it has been from trainers telling their clients more about the program, parents of our current FITBuddies’ participants talking to other parents, and random encounters/emails from friends of friends of friends.  So thank you and keep on talking!  For now, here are a few updates:

FITBuddies @ FIT:  We have a few new participants looking to start in January.  The younger group (ages 8-11) will be starting 2 full hour sessions in January as well.  I can’t thank my volunteers enough as they have been an integral part of making the younger group work.  Each kid really needs 1/1 attention in order for things to run smoothly and everyone to stay safe

Parent’s Meeting:  December 15th @ 7pm at FIT in Los Altos.  FITBuddies is partnering with the College of Adaptive Arts and hosting a meeting for parents of individuals with intellectual disabilities.  The purpose of the meeting is for parents to voice different programs they would like to see available for their kids/young adults.  Please email for more information.

New School Program! I have started working at the Creative Learning Center in Los Altos providing small group sessions during school hours to both preschool and elementary age students.  The school runs a very unique program for kids on the autism spectrum and is a great facility with a very dedicated staff.  I am looking forward to working with both the staff and the kids and already have lots of new special friends.

FITBuddies in SF: Diakadi Body , located at 9th and Division in San Francisco has agreed to support the FITBuddies program for teens/young adults in the afternoons on Wednesday and Fridays.  The goal is to have our first group start in January.  Email for more information.

IHRSA 2011: I will be presenting at IHRSA 2011 on March 16th.  Thom and I have already started preparing, meeting with doctors and other professionals in the field and sorting through research relevant to training individuals with special needs.  This has led to many great connections and has also expanded my goals moving forward.  Most importantly, I am excited that IHRSA accepted a topic new to the majority of trainers and gym owners.

December Topic:  Last month, I talked about the “Good, Bad & the Ugly” of FITBuddies and why I really am thankful for each aspect of FITBuddies.  The “good” keeps me smiling, laughing and absolutely loving what I do and the “Bad” & “Ugly” challenge me and help me continue to learn and grow.  For the month of December I will talk about traditions.  Although I am a sucker for family and holiday traditions and could rattle off a TON of my favorite traditions that I look forward to every year, I am going to talk about our weekly traditions at FITBuddies.  Repetition is very important to individuals with special needs and therefore it is very important to set up certain aspects of the program that never change and are passed down and carried on by every new participant, every session, every year…

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