Parties, Themes, Etc.

Whenever I go to visit my nieces and nephews in New Jersey, I have a habit of turning everything into a “party.”  After Charlie, the youngest was born, I spent a week at their house throwing one party after another:  a cooking party, cleaning party, laundry party, packing party (they were getting ready to move), grocery shopping party etc.  Any task is a little more fun if you throw the word “party” at the end!  I remember Mary Kate, 4 at the time, coming up to me at the end of the week and saying, “Wow Aunt Jennifer, we sure did throw a lot of parties while you were here!  Do you always have this many parties at home?”  What can I say, who doesn’t love to party!?

At FITBuddies, I find every excuse to party and incorporate themes into our workouts.  The kids love it and it’s now a tradition that they look forward to every month.  They keep me on top of it and remind me of every holiday or event out there that we could possibly celebrate.  We do birthday workouts, holiday workouts, beginning of the month workouts, world series events, the olympics and so on.  The kids are actually better at coming up with stuff than I am and they get really upset if I forget to celebrate an occasion.  I nominated Spencer as my reminder as to what we need to celebrate for the month…Veteran’s Day, 4th of July, etc.  For the big holidays, we do the same workout as last year prior so the kids can see how far they’ve come.

This is a FITBuddies’ tradition that both myself and the kids love and one that will continue for a long time….

"Manic Mondays"


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