Do you workout while on Vacation?

I often tell people that my FITBuddies group is the easiest hour of my day.  When I say this, I am referring to the fact that every single session they come running through the doors of FIT, ready to go, eager to workout.  So far, there is only one thing I have figured out that makes Spencer’s million dollar smile fade–telling him that we are taking a week off for the holidays.  They always love being here which makes training them the easiest part of my day.

Two weeks ago Spencer approached me at the end of our session asking if I would write a couple workouts for him to do while he was on a cruise with his family.  I was smiling from ear to ear.  I love it!  And so I wrote him two workouts and he came in yesterday so proud that he did his workouts on his own while on vacation.  Spencer’s Mom then reported in that not only did he do his workouts but he completed them during his normal session on Monday and Thursday at 4:30.  Got to love this kid!

Do you workout while on vacation??

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