We All Fall Down

Years ago, individuals with intellectual disabilities were often institutionalized.  They were confined because of their disabilities.

Slowly schools began to open their doors, unprepared, but open to the possibility.  Individuals became defined by their academic inabilities.

In the process of setting up more programs and creating more resources, we have become more aware of their abilities.  But we still have a long way to go before more realize their endless capabilities.

Be careful of the a bubble.   In the process of protecting, don’t forget the importance of exposure, of stepping outside the bubble.

Aim far beyond the ceiling.  In the process of teaching these special individuals, don’t stop because you have succeeded, celebrate and push to the next level.

If we set up all programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities so they never fail, never fall down…

Are we really teaching them how to succeed?  How to discover their own capabilities?

Increasing confidence in an individual with intellectual disability is learning the perfect combination of when to accept an ability and when to push and uncover more and more capabilities.  It is setting one up for success and teaching one that occasionally we all fall down.

C is for Confidence.  Buddies In ACTION

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